In my Great Aunt’s 下駄 Geta

While I was helping my 93 year old grandfather (jiji-san as I call him) to clean his tabacco shop which, I might add, he still works at to this day, I found these strange looking shoes. It turns out that they were his late older sister’s. I have seen geta shoes before but never anything like this! These are actually called takageta (literally – ‘high geta’) and have higher supports than the normal ones as they are supposed to be worn during rainy days. The gold lining detail under the toes and the fur makes me believe that these could have been worn to special occasions. Were they particularly special to my Great Aunt, meme-chan? If shoes could speak, I wonder what stories these would tell…

On a side note, is it just me or does the fur at the top make the shoes look a little like four-legged animals?




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