Japan in the Summer

Just going through some old photo’s from my Iphone 3G that I took in Japan in mid 2010.

I especially love the photo of the green rice paddies and the blue sky which I took while driving through my hometown, Sakata. It kinda looks like the Microsoft XP default background…only better!

2010-07-12 16.06.20

The picture of the Chirashizushi and the squid are taken from the Tsukiji fish market. Although we were actually late to see all the buyers and traders in action (yes I know…shameful but at least I have an excuse to go there again!), there was a hidden bonus because little did I know, I would have the most amazing sushi of my life! This little restaurant around the corner from the fish market was nothing special from the outside…but I’m glad we entered. The sashimi was so fresh and delicious…

2010-07-22 15.49.32

2010-07-22 16.22.51

This picture was taken from the top of Tokyo Tower. I’m not sure if it was at the top or somewhere nearby but there was this show of monkey’s doing tricks? Although the trainer did seem like him and his monkey were best friends, I don’t really like the thought of a wild animal being trained to do these things when he should be climbing trees or eating bananas or whatever monkeys do…

2010-07-22 12.52.57

2010-07-22 13.02.27

2010-07-22 13.38.03


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