Where were you on March 11?

Where were you when you found out Princess Di died? Where were you on 9/11? People ask these questions because they were moments when the world seemed to stop. Everyone knew what was happening. Everyone was watching.

To me, March 11 2011 was a day in which time stood still…it really hit close to home. Where was I on March 11? It was my day off from uni and I was relaxing at home when my mum called me from work telling me about the earthquake and to call my relatives in Japan. Earthquakes happen all the time in Japan and I knew this, so I initially did not feel particularly worried…I called my relatives and their phone was dead…and it was then that I started to panic. I dialled and dialled and it still went straight to a prerecorded Japanese woman’s voice telling me that ‘the phone line is unreachable’. There was nothing I could do…

I turned on the news TV and the news of the earthquake was everywhere. A live news feed from a helicopter(?) came through and they were showing the first waves from the tsunami hitting the coast of Miyagi prefecture, running through the rice fields, quaint houses, small streets….I still remember the footage of the waves catching up to a car as it accelerated at full speed. Not a chance.

My relatives who live in the North West coast of Japan were luckily not affected by the tsunami, although my aunty tells me that she has never been as scared from an earthquake as she was that day. She told me that just before the earthquake, a warning sign appeared on the TV in red saying a BIG earthquake will hit soon and to take care, then everything shook.

Tomorrow marks the 2 year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan and I wrote this post not just to remember the 15,881 people who died (as of September 2012), 2668 people missing and the families of these people whose lives will never be the same again but to also be a testament of the spirit of the Japanese people and communities who have stood together, rebuilding these cities literally from the ground up. These photo’s below reveal the devastation from the tsunami and how far Japan has come since that day…something that we don’t really get to see. And after all that, they even have the thought to thank the world for our support? Japan, you are amazing.

Where were you on March 11?

The full article with more photo’s can be found here.


























Thank you

Source: 秒刊 Sunday, Wikipedia


10 responses to “Where were you on March 11?

  1. I was just about to head back to work for my last day before spring holidays when it hit Ibaraki. It started off gently and gradually got worse and worse, until I didn’t think the shaking would stop before the apartment collapsed.

    • Your apartment collapsed when you were inside?! I can’t imagine how scary that would have been 😦
      I read your post ‘Remembering Ibaraki’ and really loved seeing all those photo’s. One day I will have to try the baked sweet potato…

      • No, I didn’t think the shaking would stop before it collapsed, it was so strong, but thankfully it did. Everything that could be shaken out was though: all my cups and plates, food, clothes, books, the TV… I was holding onto the fish tank, which as you can imagine was maybe not smart – holding a large, heavy glass box of water during an earthquake – but thankfully it didn’t fall saving the fish and us a massive cleanup.

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